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The best way to support Quiet Clean Winchester
is to Advocate! 

Advocate In Winchester

Send an email to your Town Meeting Members and the Select Board and let them know your thoughts on the noise, health, and environmental impacts of gas-powered leaf blowers in Winchester.

Winchester Select Board Contact Information:
Richard M. Mucci, Chair, email:

Anthea Brady, Vice-Chair, email:

Michelle Prior, email:

Michael Bettencourt, email:

John Fallon, email:

Office: 71 Mt. Vernon St., 2nd Floor, Winchester, MA 01890
Phone: 781-721-7133

Winchester Town Meeting:

Winchester Town Meeting consists of 192 elected members from eight precincts.  

The Town Meeting page on the Town's web site provides a PDF that lists all Town Meeting members by Precinct with their names, addresses, and email addresses.

Advocate In Massachusetts

Send an email to your Winchester State Representatives and Senators to let them know you support the transition to clean quiet land care in Massachusetts, and especially resources to help professional landscapers make the transition.

Support Landscapers:

There are legislative solutions being considered on Beacon Hill including House Bill H.868 which was recently voted favorably out of committee. Proposed by State Rep Michelle L. Ciccolo of Lexington and State Rep Christina A. Minicucci for legislation to establish incentive funding for municipalities to transition their landscaping fleets to low noise, low emissions equipment, and make possible a zero-interest loan program for private landscape companies to do the same. You can advocate for the bill by contacting:

Massachusetts State Senators and Representative Contact Information:

State Senator Patricia Jehlen, email:

State Senator Jason Lewis, email:

Representative Michael Day, email:

Representative Michelle Ciccolo, email:

Ask State Senators Jason Lewis and Patricia Jehlen to file companion legislation in the Senate to H.868 An Act to Establish a Grant Program for Low Noise, Low Emissions Landscape Equipment.

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