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Resources for Residents and Building Managers

Whether you care for your own lawn or hire a commercial landscaper,

these resources are for you.

Mass Save Rebates

Even Eversource says it's time for cleaner, quieter lawn equipment! Homeowners, renters, and property managers can get a rebate of $30-$75 from Mass Save for each electric leafblower, trimmer, chainsaw and lawnmower purchased in 2023.

Landscapers incorporating electric leaf blowers in lawn care services

Landscapers are starting to incorporate electric leaf blowers

Check out landscapers that use ELBs,  or a mix of ELBs and GLBs, 

in their lawn care services in Winchester now. 

Borrow an electric leaf blower

Quiet Clean Winchester maintains a tool library of electric leaf blowers.  Residents can "check out" the tools for their own use or for their landscapers to try.

Photo: Mario Moreira
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