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Photo: Martin Cowley

Household Supporters

Rachel and Keith Whitehouse

George "Woody" and Holly Wood

John and Lisa Kilborn

Matthew and Susan McPhee

Rev. Anne Robertson

Jason and Susan Lewis

Carolyn Starrett, Pres., Sustainable Winchester

John and Alicia Leuba

Joe and Kerry Bartlett

Fritzie Nace

Stella Wang

Prassede Calabi

Michael, Sue, Claire and Lilly Kiewra

Ivan and Sheila Correia

Dave Judelson

Liz Scott and Larry Bradley

Josh Reynolds

I-Ching and Mark Scott

Fred and Karen Lynch

Jayne Micciche

Sally and Dennis Dale

Sally Quinn

Deborah Johnson

Cynthia and Scott Randall

Alan Field

Julia Osborne

David Shiple

Sue Doubler

Marilyn Mullane and Philip Coonley

John McConnell

Menina Widom

Chris Degnen

Melissa Mathis and Lawrence Frank

Ingrid Geis and Steven Delaney

Tyson and Kristine Kamikawa

Nancy and Stefan Nagel

Maggie Russell

Reve Drapeau

Sohini Bose

Raja Sriperumbudur

Jane Mann

Naomi Magnoni

Barry and Jessica McArdle

William Foucher and Diana Jackson

David W. Miller

Marianne DiBlasi

Ethan Cerami

Susan Fagerstrom

Rhonda Hodges

Laney Zamore

Hugh Wright

Susan Brokaw

Rachel Chidsey

Margaret Coleman

Lisa Craig

Cheryl & Andrew Shepard

Elinor Brown & James Hoffmann

David and Rocio Friedman

Gena and Dan Bronson

Ross and Lynn Deming

Amy and Steve Maguire

Vicky Coccoluto

Claire McNeill

Steve and Karen Boodakian

Rosemary Beecher

Zoe Norman

Ingelise Brown

John Brown

Amy Hunter

Shiva Barton

Susan Verdicchio

Carol Caruso

John D. Perra

Nicolas Krawies

Thomas L. and Marie K. Richardson

Janet and Reid Boswell

Brian Vernaglia

Jerry and Judy Blain

Marie Simpson

Lisa Kalner Williams

Donna Pomponi and Diane Di Perna

Carol Backs

Michael Creane

Kate Huttemann

Brian Degner

Laurie McEwan Minniti

Colleen and Luke McInnis

Susan McAree

Thomas Magno

Amy Fitzpatrick

Charlene Band

Jody Naimark

Alison Swallow

Raegan McCain

Rebecca Slisz

Don and Mairead O'Neill

Fiona Adler

Bob Davidson

Elisa Jazan

Jane Turner

Sandy Thompson

Gloria Welch Legvold

Emily Russell

JP Beaudry

Teresa Doksum

 Samantha Allison

Caroline Shamu and Peter Sorger

John McCarthy

Sally DeGan and Alison Kirchgasser

Lucy Palermo

Mann Shoffner

Jeffrey Grassi

Martin Naley

Civic and Faith Community Supporters

Winchester Unitarian Society

Green Sanctuary Committee

Creation Care Committee

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